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the seventh avenue

At the heart of the human condition, we all long to work towards attaining our highest level of creative expression. Each one of us is uniquely designed to resonate in the space of creation by being true to our authentic being; giving of ourselves in evolution of the human consciousness.

When we release the joy of being true to that calling, we not only nourish our souls, but we flourish in that of the universe. To attain that gift of inner awareness is in itself one of life’s greatest calling and a blue print towards the advancement of our collective awakening.

In our journey of Being and Becoming life lessons emerge, meaningful relationships spark and sometimes the mystery of life deepens; but no matter at what stage of inner development we find ourselves in, to pause and ponder on the small and big questions in life is sacred.

To pause, reflect and reassemble in the knowledge of self means constantly assessing one’s position in relation to self and the world; and when we gift ourselves to the world, we not only awaken to our truest calling, but we “vibrate in higher places of being” Ben Okri.