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I am more content, more at peace and grounded when anchored in nothingness. And in the time and space we find ourselves in, that’s a great deal. At least, for me. To experience the feeling of wholeness, holding a knowledge, that every experience of life is non-permanent is liberating. It gives power and traction to the idea of embodying more than just the physical.

I am also deeply aware, and holy challenged to bring forth such an awareness into everyday life. In moments when life throws you a little bit off balance; when the way of ascension – of feelings of anxiety and mental despair gives right of passage to not being liberated to the existence of a deeper world around us. 

However, when I do afford myself the rare opportunity to sit in small seismic shifts of non-thinking, there is an expansion of consciousness, towards inward bliss, of being held in a serenity harmonious to one’s own rhythmic beat. When that essence of being wholly present is encompassed in the wisdom of such qualities, nothing else literally feels like home.

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