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This past weekend at Grans

My late maternal grandparents had 13 children. During dinner time, there were two big kitchen tables used for serving. One for the adults and the other for my cousins and some of my siblings. Ours was a big family – filled with fond memories.

When one of my younger cousins, who is more of a little brother summoned our family to a glorious occasion of introducing us to his new bride by paying dowry this past Saturday; all the childhood memories of spending time at gran’s house became bountiful.  

Not only did I comprehend how much time is fast spent, but how much more valuable it is in the company of the ones you love.  For most of it, old stories were rekindled, new relationships emerged and the strength of our bond through being there for one another solidified.

I couldn’t help but immense all my senses in the spirit of my Mawe’s warm embrace and Dutuwe’s solid presence – as we drank, sang and danced in the generosity of the love and light they hold for us.

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