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On a Friday night

When I had reached the point to a specific quote in Eckhart Tolle’s prized book – A new earth: awakening your life’s purpose as I was going through which read to take home, the intensity of his luminous writing instantaneously transcended from validating a mere, lived experience and ushered me into a moment of truth. A source of intelligence that continues to resonate.

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness”

What had been distilled into words as healing and restorative gently flowed to me on a Friday night at a bookstore. How heartening was it back then to be lifted to an unfolding presence, a source enriched in words that bring life forth to a place of destitute.

What I remember, every time I sit on the tranquility of that late evening chair, what I look up to in my bookshelf as a most cherished experience and what I have invited into my life as an ever expanding experience is the revered ability to perceive the interconnectedness in all things.

Everything, through a sacred understanding, even the non-miraculous in life, when met with nonresistance turn their face to us once in a while, in reverence of who we are.  

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