I cannot point to the precise day when my world was raised above sea level. Eckhart Tolle’s expression that one is “the universe expressing itself as a human for a little while” perhaps offers how a glimpse of awareness, a way of one’s seeing can hold ground for an evolution to a more enlightened being.

In a simple observation of a seed blooming into a flower as an example, lies the experience of seeing the transformational nature in oneself; the realization of inner beauty – a culmination of an inner ward knowing into tangible magnificence.  

Oftentimes, being is in seeing. How one ‘sees’ is how one experiences being.

The journey towards understanding a fullness of being, of what makes me come more alive; has over the years been a process of gleaning instead of gathering. A harvest. Lately, I have been keen to investigate a different course of action – of seeing things wholly and experiencing them as an expression of life; grounded in an awareness – abound;

– in beauty, power, strength, wisdom, and hopefulness.

Inner qualities, when woven through a stillness of mind, can help one navigate from the lowest vibrational frequencies of self-expression to the highest, gleaming as a lighthouse.  

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